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Applications those i use in my work
All applications freeware, but have high level of functionality. Some have more functions than commercial their applications. All programs designed or have versions for Microsoft Windows.

With Graphics

windows linux GIMP - Photoshop analog
windows 20/20 - simple graphics editor

With 3D Graphics

windows windows Breeze Designer - 3D modeller
windows Moray - advanced shareware 3D modeller
windows windows POV Ray - 3D render

For Application Creating

windows linux GCC - multiplatform compiler.
windows linux DJGPP - 32bit DPMI DOS compiler + port of Unix libraries.
windows Borland Comand Line compiler - Freeware version of Borlands C++ compiler.
windows linux LCC, LCC-Win32 - Optimized Unix/Win32 freeware ANSI C compiler with extensions.

Internet Utility

windows Microsoft Internet Explorer - not perfect, but stable HTML browser
windows windows HomeSite v1.2 - freeware version of power and handy non WYSIWYG HTML editor
windows windows AceHTML Freeware - Advanced non WYSIWYG HTML editor. Now freeware version not available on developers site.
windows windows Buttonz & Tiles - Two programs to help graphics Web design.
windows linux Apache - One of most popular Web server.

Operation Systems

windows Microsoft Windows - Not free, but haves more free applications operating system
linux Linux - Popular and fast growing UNIX-like operating system
FreeBSD - reliable UNIX system for x86 architecture

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