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Pover is GUI interface for POV-Ray options. Program help's to change many options of POV-Ray Render. With Pover you can open and save configuration files for reuse it later. You can associate Pover with PCG files and get your work at one click. Pover may be runned in few instances and undemanding to system resources.

Pover screenshot (click on other tab for more)

Pover screenshot (click on other tab for more)

At this moment application grow in two way. Unfortunately Windows version of Tcl interpreter has low speed. So i create native Windows program. Actual version of Pover for Windows is 2.03 (Win32). For versions early than 2.0 you may needed Tcl/Tk interpreter installed. If you don't have Tcl/Tk interpreter - you may get latest version on Scriptics page. In mind Tcl/Tk application should work's same way on Windows 9x/NT / Macintosh / Unix / OS/2 platform. But at this time it tested on Windows 9x/NT and Linux. On Linux you may also run Pover 2.03 through Wine in standalone mode (without needed Windows).

Now OS/2 users may runs native Tcl/Tk interpreter. At this time i have possible to test my applications only on Windows & Linux OS, so i will be happy to hear from You how it works on other platforms. Tcl/Tk interpreter for many platforms you may find at Scriptics site. Your reply & wishes please e-mail me ufernest@mail.ru

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Pover 2.03 - Win32 version
pover203.exe installation program for Windows 9x/NT (182 ��)

Pover 2.02 - Win32 version
pover202.exe installation program for Windows 9x/NT (188 ��)

Pover 2.01 - Win32 version
pover2.exe installation program for Windows 9x/NT (125 Kb)

Pover 1.5 - Tcl/Tk version
pover.tgz archive of program for platform with installed Tcl/Tk (27 Kb).
pover1.5.exe installation program for Windows 9X/NT without installed Tcl/Tk (540 Kb)
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