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First Name Ernest Photo 
Last Name Poletaev  
e-mail ufernest@mail.ru
location Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
phone mobile: +7(911)982-3557
age 38 years old
Family Status married, 2 children
Traits of character communicable, steady, responsibility, team worker
Previous jobs
09.03.01 - now Senior developer (C++, C#, Perl, VBS, InnoSetup; .NET, CORBA, ASP.NET, XML, SQL; STL, WTL, wxWidgets; Win32, FreeBSD, CVS, SVN, Bugzilla)
Enterprise Information Systems, Plc
  1. Visual development enviroment for EIS BusinessReality(tm) system (visual development of dialogs, objects, class, etc) / C++ /
  2. Rich Client for BusinessReality(tm) system - / C++ /
  3. Authentification components of BusinessReality(tm) system - / C++ /
  4. Web Client for CORBA services - / ASP.NET, C# /
  5. Database administration component (mySQL) for Java based application server / C# /
09.01.00 - 08.03.01 programmer (MFC, GUI, MAPI)
DINO Systems Ltd.
Project: PhoneWorks - unified PBX client (fax/voice/e-mail/PBX driving)
09.14.98 - 07.06.00 DSP programmer
Central Research Institute of Ship Electrotechnics and Technology (SET Corporation)
C/C++, Asm
  1. Realisation of space vector PWM control algorithm for AC induction motor on Texas Instruments DSP TMS320C32. Customer: RAO WSM (High Speed Rail Lines)
  2. Client-Server Module, History Module for electrical train ED-6 control system
03.02.96 - 12.31.97 programmer
Buteron Ltd.
Delphi, WordBasic, ExcelBasic, Visual Basic
Project: Office applications
10.23.94 - 03.01.96 customs declarant
AO Buteron
01.01.94 - 01.31.95 programmer
Cascade Ltd.
C/C++, Clipper
Project: Account Application (system subroutines)
01.18.93 - 10.03.94 general manager
Alternative+ Ltd.
03.04.92 - 01.15.93 general expeditor
Artis Ltd.
07.04.89 - 10.30.89 controller of quality in foundry
LPU of name Kozitskogo
Foreign Languages Basic english, technic english, business letters
Programming languages  
  C/C++ 14 years
  C# (Windows Forms, Components, .NET Library) 4 years
  SQL (Ms SQL, MySQL) 5 years
  Assembler 5 years
  Object Pascal 4 years
  Visual Basic 4 years
  JavaScript / VBScript 4 years
  Java, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, Bash, Automake Base knowledge
Platforms Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP, .NET, PalmOS, DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, X-Windows, Web
Skills .NET, ASP.NET, CORBA, COM/DCOM, ATL/WTL/STL, Win32 API, MFC, MAPI, TAPI, SAPI,TTS, OpenGL, DirectX, Multimedia, Sockets, SQL, UML, HtmlHelp, WinHelp, Delphi components, MIDI, ports, multiplatform porting, HTML WYSIWYG or handwriting
Teamwork software Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, CVS, Subversion, TWiki
Programming Enviroments Microsoft Visual Studio v6 - 2005 .NET , Borland C++, Go-DSP Code Composer, Delphi, Cygwin32, Mingw32, GCC, KDevelop
Frameworks Window Forms, plain Win32, MFC, Qt, FLTK, wxWindows, Tk, PalmOS
Architectures x86, StrongARM, MC68, Custom arch's
Certificates Brainbench certified Master C, Master Windows API, C++, Object Orientiered Developer, Visual C++, HTML 4.0, VBScript, JavaScript, Programmer/Analyst Aptitude, Delphi 5, Windows 98 Administrator and Linux RedHat Administrator. To see my transcript on Brainbench, click on logo at left

Additional drivers license (B)
Preffered job Developer (C++, C#, .NET, Windows / Unix), DSP programmer

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